Heavy Card Enterprise Service competition will tend to be hot

- Jun 30, 2017 -

2011, will be the heavy Card Enterprise service means competition upgrade one years. With the December 2010 annual business meeting of the heavy card business, continue to vigorously improve the level of service, is still the only enterprises to enhance market competitiveness. At the 2011-year business Annual meeting held in Shaanxi Auto, its Twelve-Five plan clearly proposed to build a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise. To this end, Shaanxi Auto not only upgraded the content of the intimate service, but also for accessories to start the parts distribution high-speed rail line project.

December 22, 2010, North Ben Heavy Steam held 2011 North Ben Heavy Gas service spare parts conference, this meeting not only summed up the North Ben Heavy card service existing problems, but also for 2011 years of service content has been carefully planned and arranged. December 25, 2010, Hualing Automobile held annual business meeting, Chairman Liu Hanru stressed that 2011 Valin not only to improve the heavy card sales network, but also the heavy card service network to focus on the layout.

Industry insiders analysis that the reason why the heavy card enterprises pay more and more attention to after-sales service, an important reason is with the gradual spread of product profits, after-sales service has become the automotive industry chain the most stable source of profit. More importantly, with the intensification of homogenization of products, service differentiation will be the essay of Enterprise competition.

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