Maintenance of the automobile transmission

- Jun 30, 2017 -

1. Master the cycle of replacing the automatic gearbox oil.

Automatic transmission internal control mechanism is very precise, with small clearance, so most of the automatic gearbox oil-changing cycle is generally two years or $number million kilometers. In the normal use of the process, the gearbox oil operating temperature is generally about 120 degrees Celsius, so the quality of the oil requirements are high, but also must be kept clean. Second, the use of gearbox oil after a long time will produce grease, there may be formation of sludge, will increase the friction pieces and parts of the wear, but also affect the system oil pressure, so that the power transmission is affected. Third, the sludge in the dirty oil will make the valve body movement is not smooth, oil pressure control is affected, so that the automatic transmission of abnormal. Always check.

2. Correct replacement of gearbox oil.

Good oil-changing method is dynamic oil, using special gearbox cleaning equipment, in the process of gearbox operation, the old oil full circulation, discharge clean and then add new gearbox oil, so that the oil exchange rate of up to 90, to ensure a good oil-exchange effect.

3. Automatic gearbox oil level is normal.

Automatic transmission oil inspection method and engine oil is not the same, engine oil in the cold car state inspection, and gearbox oil is required to preheat the oil to 50 Shan around, and then the retaining rod in each stop for 2 seconds after the stop, at this time the normal oil surface should be located between the highest and the lowest line, if not enough, should be added in a timely manner the same quality of oil.

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