Operating Procedures of Tipper

- Jun 30, 2017 -

1. Do not suddenly lift the lifting handle to "drop position" in the middle of the full load.

If this operation is wrong, the car suddenly rushed down, will bring a lot of impact to the frame, and even accident. Therefore, should try to avoid the above operation, if there are special circumstances need also must be careful operation, as far as possible to slow down the landing speed, must not do not suddenly to the end of the car.

2. Do not use the car-slam brake unloading.

Due to the heavy inertia of the car (usually the $number times of the rated lift), very easy to cause permanent deformation of the frame, carriage and pay frame open welding, burning oil pump or damage seal ring, damage the hydraulic cylinder and other damage, the vehicle service life is reduced, the serious will also appear rollover accident. Therefore, the general tipper is prohibited from lifting when driving.

3. The unloading of the unload truck must be removed before the vehicle can be driven.

In case of this operation error, since the unloading truck in the driving, as the power picker in the "junction" position, lift oil pump in the "small cycle" state under the high speed for a long time without load operation. Causes the hydraulic oil oil temperature to rise quickly, easily causes the oil pump seal damage, even has the oil pump "burns dies" the phenomenon; more serious is the oil pump operation means the hydraulic system has the power source, in the traveling process easy to appear the compartment automatic rise accident.

4. The driving force is not located in the "connected" position.

If you are in the "Connected" state (the red light is on), the pump will continue to rotate, the hydraulic system will have a power source, this will be because of the operation of the air control valve on the misoperation caused by automatic lift; At this point, the gas control valve even in the "drop" position, oil also to enter the pump, which will make the oil pump burned.

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