Brief Analysis On The Development Of Automobile Parts Short Board

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Short plate A, the amount of recovery is not enough to restrict the sustainable development of manufacturing enterprises. Policy restrictions also make the number of car parts small. According to the State Council No. 307, "Scrap Auto Recycling management measures" provisions, including engines, transmissions, bridges, including the "five major assembly" must be sold to the steel enterprises as raw materials for production. But in fact, many of these assemblies are resources that can be manufactured again. This has resulted in a policy of recycling of remanufacturing enterprises not enough.

Short plate Two, remanufacturing industry order chaos, formal enterprises face "basterds" of the unhealthy competition. For regular auto parts remanufacturing Enterprises, the price of recycling scrap is generally carried out in accordance with the market price of scrap iron. For example, with a Jetta cars facing scrapping, the company paid the car owner a fee of about 1000 yuan. And some lack of qualification of small workshops, rely on private sales of engines, transmissions and other assembly, to obtain huge benefits.

Take a 10 tons scrap truck as an example, because the "five major assembly" according to the provisions can not be sold, the normal enterprises after dismantling mainly by selling scrap to benefit, a maximum of 20,000 yuan, the purchase price can not exceed 12,000 yuan, otherwise the cost, tax, will lose. But the underground dismantling plant can be bought at a price of 20,000 yuan or more, because at least the violation of the sale of "five big assembly", you can make a large, such as the big truck engine can sell 7000 yuan, the rear axle can sell 8000 yuan, so down a car sold to 25,000 yuan or even higher is not difficult.

Short plate Three, the domestic remanufacturing enterprises in the overall technical level is not high, the Society for Remanufacturing industry recognition is low, hindered the further development and growth of the industry. According to the introduction, auto parts remanufacturing production needs to be in accordance with specific procedures for dismantling, cleaning, detection classification, failure parts remanufacturing processing or replacement, product assembly, and finally after strict testing factory into the market. In fact, as China's auto parts remanufacturing industry started late, equipment is relatively backward, the most important is the cost of investment is too high, the burden of the enterprise itself is very large, which leads to domestic remanufacturing industry and foreign counterparts, in the technology and quality is still a small gap. An obvious example is that, even in the case of the model pilot enterprise of auto parts remanufacturing, there are still some methods of using relatively backward size repairs and replacement repairs, and the remanufacturing rate is very low.

At the same time, due to the traditional consumption concept and lack of publicity and other factors, the current domestic public awareness of automobile parts remanufacturing industry is not enough, there is a certain deviation, "even if it is cheaper than half, will not buy junk" the concept of consumption is very common. This leads to consumer understanding and support for the car remanufacturing is not enough, remanufacturing products back to the consumer's hands are very limited.

At present, to promote the healthy and orderly development of auto parts remanufacturing industry, must be multi-pronged, comprehensive use of legal, economic and necessary administrative means to promote, especially in the current industry, the widespread phenomenon of private dismantling, should increase administrative enforcement efforts, and resolutely outlaw enterprises and small workshop-type dens.

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