Development Trend Of Auto Parts

- Jul 29, 2017 -

In a certain period of time, China's auto parts are suffering from exchange rate war and inflation and other issues, to solve these problems not only to improve their technical level to pull higher value-added products to resist exchange rate and inflation problems, but also long-term vision , Grasp the future of auto parts trend, a sure battle. From a certain period of time the development of China's auto parts have the following four trends:


1. International industry transfer accelerated, mergers and acquisitions active.

In a certain period of time most of the domestic auto parts business sales are low, and sales of up to 10 billion US dollars of multinational giants compared to China's auto parts size is significantly smaller. And China's manufacturing exports have always been known for cheap, multinational large enterprises in order to effectively reduce production costs, open up new markets not only to low-cost countries and regions, large-scale transfer of manufacturing links, and will gradually extend the scope of research and development, design, procurement , Sales and after-sales service links, the scale of the transfer is growing, the level is getting higher and higher.



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