Heavy Truck Engine Maintenance Knowledge

- Aug 24, 2017 -

First, the engine after a long high-speed operation, can not immediately turn off. The reason is that when the engine is working, there is a part of the oil supply turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and cooling, the running engine suddenly shut down, the oil pressure drops rapidly to zero, the oil lubrication will be interrupted, the turbocharger internal heat Can not be taken away by the oil, then the supercharger turbine part of the high temperature will pass to the middle, the bearing support shell heat can not be quickly taken away, while the supercharger rotor is still under the action of inertia high-speed rotation. This will cause the turbocharger shaft and the sleeve between the "killed" and damage the bearings and shaft. In addition, the engine suddenly turned off, then the exhaust manifold temperature is high, the heat will be absorbed into the turbocharger shell, will stay in the supercharger inside the oil boiled coke. When this coke accumulates more often will block the oil inlet, resulting in lack of oil shaft, to accelerate the friction between the turbine shaft and sleeve. So the engine should be idle before running idle for three minutes, so that the turbocharger rotor speed decline. Also worth noting is the turbocharged engine is also not suitable for long idle operation, generally should be maintained within 10 minutes.


Second, the choice of oil when we must pay attention. Due to the role of the turbocharger, the air quality and volume of the combustion chamber are greatly improved, the engine structure is more compact, more reasonable and higher compression ratio, so that the engine work intensity is higher. Machining accuracy is also higher, more stringent assembly technology requirements. All of which determine the turbocharged engine high temperature, high speed, high power, high torque, low emission characteristics. But also determines the internal parts of the engine to withstand higher temperatures and greater impact, extrusion and shear working conditions. Therefore, in the selection of turbocharged car car oil, we must take into account its particularity, the use of oil must be good anti-wear, high temperature, the establishment of lubricating oil film fast, high oil film and good stability. And synthetic oil or semi-synthetic oil just to meet this requirement, so the oil in addition to the best use of the original provisions of the oil can also use synthetic oil, semi-synthetic oil and other high-quality lubricants.

Third, the engine oil and filter must be kept clean to prevent the entry of impurities, because the turbocharger shaft and sleeve between the gap is very small, if the oil lubrication capacity decline, it will cause the turbocharger premature scrapped.

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