How Long Does The Gearbox Change?

- Aug 18, 2017 -

In general, the gearbox oil replacement cycle and the vehicle maintenance cycle calculation method to the mileage or the use of time, if the vehicle manual clearly given these two indicators, according to the first implementation; If there is no such indicator in the vehicle manual, or if the oil change time is not clearly marked, it is usually replaced according to the mileage of every 5-8 km.

Car maintenance is a big problem can not be ignored, there is a little Xiao Bian to remind everyone that, not as rumors as the outside world, the delay for the car gear box oil will have a big problem, in fact, as long as not delayed Too long impact will not be too much, but in the most suitable period of the car gearbox oil replacement team is timely, after all, if the car gearbox is a problem, then the cost of maintenance is very high.


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