Main Categories Of Auto Parts

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Launch System

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and parts, oil seal, oil pump nozzle, fuel-saving device, valve tappet, tubing, connecting rod assembly, crankshaft camshaft, bearing and connecting rod tile, valve and parts, fuel tank, piston, flywheel gear ring, tensioner wheel, belt, supercharger, carburetor, ternary catalyst, fuel injection device, starter and accessories, other launch system, such as automobile launch System accessories.

Walking system

Front axle, rear axle, damping system, suspension system, axle shell, half axle, balance block, bumper, rim, wheel hub, frame assembly, automobile tyre, agricultural vehicle tyre, construction machinery tyre and other automobile accessories.

Body Accessories

Car shell, door, car glass, car mirror, license plate rack, seat and accessories, automotive bearings, handrails, handles, handle, net, leaf board, cab and accessories, Safety airbag, car seat belt, glass lifter, car antenna, wiper, car muffler, car horn, car seal bumper, luggage box, luggage rack, extruded parts, stamping parts, exhaust pipe, other body accessories such as auto parts.

Steering system

Transverse rod assembly, pull Rod, pull Rod ball Head, center lever, steering arm, steering arm, steering gear dust cover, steering gear assembly, steering damper, Steering booster pump, Steering gear gasket repair Package, power steering tank, lever adjusting bolt, steering arm bushing, power steering tube, steering knuckle, steering wheel, other steering system and other automotive accessories.

The rod Ball head is also called the ball head to connect the rod, if the manual file is a tie rod ball head. The precision of the ball is the highest, mainly by the force deformation and the use of fatigue resistance.

Braking system

Brake pads, clutches, friction pads, air compressors, handbrake, bracket, shaft head, vacuum afterburner, brake shoe, brake pump, cable, clamp, brake assembly, brake pan, brake chamber, brake drum, slider, lug, control valve, dryer, brake disc, anti-lock braking system abs.

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