Online Purchase Of Auto Parts

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Problem one: Buy accessories from the net with more fakes

"Look, the two pots of oil on the label are printed on the" authentic "two words, but the real oil in the" authentic "words drop a drop of water, the two words will disappear invisible, dry and show out. Fake oil Many do not exist in this distinction. "Buy false oil friends very much, the quality of oil directly related to the engine life, Mr. Lin did not dare to careless, had to abandon the Low-cost network to buy motor vehicle beauty shop products."

Problem two: Easy to meet the parts substandard

Car owners after the purchase of auto parts supplies also have a big problem is a lot of sub-standard. As a result of a wide range of product specifications, ordinary consumers do not know their models applicable to what specifications, often online shopping in accordance with the guidelines for the purchase of electricity. After receiving the arrival of the entity to the store to repair and maintenance is repeatedly told that the specifications.

In the easy to meet the specifications of the network to buy automotive supplies inside, but also to auto parts, the problem is the professional nature of automotive supplies. In the relevant entity shop introduction, such as wiper, headlights, oil filter, tires and even car upholstery, seat covers and so on have been the wrong size. And many car owners often in the first time to receive goods can not find the wrong specifications, which also led to the request for return later encountered difficulties and twists and turns.

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