Requirements For The Custody Of Auto Parts:

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  1. Protect the accessories from damage (1) do a good job inside and outside the room temperature and humidity daily record, keep and adjust the temperature and humidity between the warehouse. Attention to prevent the doors and windows near the storage accessories suffered sudden changes in the weather in the rain and the sun direct exposure. Easy to absorb moisture accessories should pay attention to the replacement of moisture absorption agent and fungicide (mothballs, etc.). (2) for different parts of the performance, quantity, packaging, volume morphology and pressure conditions, reasonable arrangements for storage positions, improve the stacking technology and the selection of a reasonable number of stacking. For non-special performance requirements and the size of the whole parts of the accessories, generally can be used to overlap or bite-type stacking; easy to deformation and fear of pressure or packaging strength of poor accessories, you should consider the stack height, The At the same time should also pay attention to the stacking row of tight feet, stacking solid, stacked neatly, as far as possible to improve the utilization of storage capacity. (4) Every day in the workplace (3) on the stack to properly set aside four points: the wall distance, column spacing (0.1 meters), the distance, lighting distance, and strive to implement the safety "convenience, saving the principle of storage. (5) at any time to do a good job in the delivery of cargo handling, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading, loading and unloading Machinery, lifting equipment and other safety checks and repair, to maintain the equipment machinery intact. The loading and unloading of accessories, must lightly move, so that the goods are not bad, the packaging does not damage. (6) attention to accessories out of the warehouse dynamic. Accessories should pay attention to the quality of storage inspection, such as the discovery of abnormal (mildew rust) should be timely reported abnormal report, notify the relevant departments for processing.


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