There Are Several Auto Parts

- Sep 04, 2017 -

The name of the car parts is different, but there are uniform provisions of the national standard (general terms of the car). The parts of the factory manual also have their popular call, some plants themselves are also strange and called, such as cylinder liner called cylinder bed. So it is necessary to know the standard name also understand the saying goes. Car structure is the term car is divided into five parts: engine, chassis, body, electrical equipment, ancillary equipment. Some of the electrical and ancillary equipment can also be one. The five parts, from large to small and subdivided into assembly parts, assemblies, parts. The so-called structural parts (components) are idioms or sales terms, constitute a certain assembly, assembly parts of the short name. Four-door two-cover body parts are not ancillary equipment. Ancillary equipment such as shaking windows, rearview mirrors, wipers, air conditioners, airbags, shading equipment, air cleaning equipment, radar equipment, tire pressure monitors.


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