Transmission Instructions And Precautions

- Sep 08, 2017 -

1, the vehicle driving process, we must always check the clutch pedal stroke, check the clutch is completely separated and fully engaged. Otherwise it will affect the gearbox shift performance and synchronizer life.

2, the vehicle should be used as much as possible in the high-end driving to ensure that the engine is in the economic speed zone, improve the vehicle's power and economy.

3, the vehicle starts, should not be frequent use of rapid acceleration or emergency braking.

4, the vehicle starts, the gearbox neutral, clutch fully engaged, should run idle for 3-5 minutes, through the gear oil splash, so that the gears, synchronizers and various types of bearings are fully lubricated, otherwise it will affect the gearbox Performance and service life.

5, the gearbox should not be skid, especially when the downhill driving into the high gear, this time for the rear wheel to drive the vehicle quickly, the gearbox gear relative speed is very high, at the moment if the gearbox into the neutral, Shaft speed is relatively low, so the gear oil to reduce the amount of fuel, easy to burn the synchronizer and various types of bearings.

6, shift, the clutch pedal should step on the end, smooth and accurate movement of the shift lever to the required stalls, this time to gradually overcome a certain resistance to be able to hang.

7, for the reverse gear, you must stop the gear, otherwise it will damage the reverse gear, gear sets and related parts.


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