Flywheel Housing AZ1246010019 for Sinotruk Engine Spare Parts

Flywheel Housing AZ1246010019 for Sinotruk Engine Spare Parts

Flywheel Housing for Sinotruk Engine Spare Parts Model Number: AZ1246010019

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Flywheel Housing  AZ1246010019 for Sinotruk Engine Spare Parts

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AZ1246010019 Flywheel housing 

Wheel shell is cast iron, not easy to deformation, it accommodates the clutch assembly, bear the weight of the transmission, plays the role of power transmission fulcrum. Damaged and broken flywheel housing often occurs in the front and back plane that is with the cylinder block and the transmission shell contact surface.

The flywheel shell is installed on the frame of the girder, the elastic corners are arranged under the two corners of the shell, and the bolts are fixed so that the flywheel shell can not beat and shift. Flywheel housing installed at the bottom of the movable pan, in order to dismantle the flywheel, clutch assembly, adjust the clutch. Also mounted on the flywheel housing starter (motor). Thus, the function of the flywheel housing is to bear the weight of the engine and transmission positioning and placement of young pieces and so on.

Although it is less wear and tear, but its damage to the deformation of the engine is also a great influence.

As the flywheel shell to withstand the weight and force, will inevitably produce cracks and deformation. After the deformation of the flywheel shell, its parallelism and bearing hole center loss the original accuracy, that is, the flywheel shell bearing bore and crankshaft center can not be concentric with the transmission center, resulting in a skew between the engine and the transmission center. This will affect the transmission of power. Driven part of the wear and tear will increase, the transmission will produce abnormal sound. Misalignment of the two planes of the flywheel housing will also bring undue wear to the parts of the driven part, such as the wear of the clutch plate, the driving shaft of the transmission and the bearing.

In order to make the engine crankshaft centerline coincides with the center line of the transmission drive shaft, the flywheel housing is provided with a plane and centering device. If the plane of the cylinder block and the plane of the flywheel housing, the transmission active wheel cover and the flywheel housing bore ensure the parallelism and concentricity.

Therefore, in addition to the warranty pay attention to the concentricity of the crankshaft and flywheel, in particular, the flywheel must also be a few fiducials or holes strictly adjusted and overhaul. Although the flywheel housing is single in configuration, its center of bearing hole and its plane are identical with the cylinder block. Therefore, the warranty can not be ignored when the flywheel housing the basic components.

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